Fiduciary Services Provided by Katz, Look & Onorato, P.C.

Katz, Look & Onorato, P.C. Provides Fiduciary Services

(by Christine V. Finn, Shareholder, Katz, Look & Onorato, P.C.)

During the estate planning process, you will need to name an entity or individual to be in charge of your affairs.  Our attorneys provide fiduciary services and are governed by the Colorado Supreme Court as opposed to being regulated by the Colorado Division of Banking.  Fiduciary services include serving as your agent, personal representative, and trustee.  Your fiduciaries have several responsibilities including collecting, managing, and protecting your assets; paying your debts; preparing and filing tax returns; paying your administration expenses; and distributing your assets in the manner directed by your estate planning documents.  Your fiduciaries should exercise good judgment, prudence, honesty, and have knowledge and experience.  During the estate administration process, our attorneys fulfill the responsibilities above and perform additional tasks such as meeting with financial advisors and banks that provide custodial services, keeping records and accountings, making tax decisions, meeting with beneficiaries to discuss their needs, preparing budgets, and preparing and filing court documents.

Our firm was established in 1972.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in handling estates and trusts, and the flexibility to serve as sole fiduciary, co-fiduciary, or successor fiduciary.  It may be advantageous for you to name our firm as your fiduciaries instead of individuals because of our impartiality, independence, and lack of emotional bias.  This separation can minimize family disputes considerably.  We have the time availability to perform fiduciary duties, whereas many individuals do not due to work and family obligations.  Also, naming our firm can ensure fiduciary succession for years to come, instead of only for the remainder of an individual’s lifetime.

We earn our fees on an hourly basis and we are reimbursed for costs.  Our compensation is based on work performed instead of on the size of your estate or trust.  For more information, please visit Fiduciary Services on our firm website under Practice Areas.


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